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New Reading Room of the Karl König Archive

 Please just sit back and make yourself comfortable!
 We would like to invite you to read some documents from the Karl König Archive without having to drive to  Aberdeen, Dornach or Berlin!

 We will place reading material here regularly.

You will find texts that we place here directly out of the Archive
without editing or putting them into shape for publishing because
we would like you to see texts that are not yet in the publishing
plans and therefore would otherwise sit in the Archive for some
further years. You will find essays, letters, note-book entries and
lecture manuscripts that will be placed here for about a month at
a time, so we hope to whet your appetite with various items and
if you wish for more please come back to the Reading Room, but
we would also appreciate an echo from you and dialogue about
your interests:

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Studierzimmer Karl König
                      Karl König's study

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