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Karl König's pictures for the Soul Calendar
published in the volumes "The Calendar of the Soul" and "An Inner Journey through the Year"

From the series

Image 1: Easter

Imaage 8: Whitsun

Image 16: 3.Week July

Image 24: 2. Week September

Image 48: 1. Week March

of the Cross"

All 52 picures for the weekly verses of the Soul Calendar are now available as post cards.
They can be ordered singly or as a set

Single Postcards $1/ £0,80 each + postage (inland)
More than 10 cards: $0,85/ 0,£65 each + postage (inland)
The whole series (52 post cards) = $35 / £20 + postage

The 13 pictures "metamorphosis of the Cross" are also available in DIN A5 size:
Whole series (13 pictures) = $25 / £15 + postage
Both series together (52 postcards and 13 "Cross" pictures) are available in a plastic folder:
$48 /£30 + postage.

Orders, stating the numbers of the requested cards as in the example pictures above, and the address for delivery and invoice to be sent to: r.steel@karl-koenig-archive.net

  Wooden Stands

In various workshops of the Camphill Villages wooden stands are now being prepared for sale as from Autumn 2011 so that they can be obtained from stores in Germany, England and the USA. The picture of the "Cross metamorphosis" can be positioned in the middle and the four weekly verses that belong together for each week can stand around it.
The frame is constructed so that it can be stood up or hung on a wall. (see photographs)

€ 27,50 + Porto:




                       cover of the book


2010 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the first Camphill community. Over the course of the year attention will focus on the contribution of Karl Koenig to this significant development and in that process the character of Karl Koenig will almost certainly come under the spotlight. However any attempt to examine Karl Koenig's character which ignores the influence of his mother cannot do other than present a partial and incomplete picture.

Bertha Koenig was a redoubtable, resourceful and resilient woman whose influence upon her son cannot be underestimated. Indeed the very characteristics so clearly shown in her life and revealed in her life history - Meine Kindheits und Lebenserinnerungen - can be seen mirrored in the life of Karl Koenig. While he may have acquired his intellect from his bookish father, he appears to have inherited his indomitable spirit from his mother. And it was with his mother that the emotional bond was strongest. What is particularly appealing in Bertha Koenig is the strong sense of mischief, the ingrained rebellious streak and the high degree of fortitude and resolve shown when confronted by misfortune and danger particularly during the evil Nazi regime.

An English translation of Bertha Koenig's life history by Robin Jackson is now available from the

Camphill Bookshop,

199 North Deeside Road,
Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9EN.
Tel: 01224 867611

101pp 19 black and white photographs

ISBN 0-9540618-1-0                   £12.00



The Hidden Seed of Camphill

The Hidden Seed - The story of the Camphill Bible Evening Jan Martin Bang 2009

If a community is a living organism, one that shares certain characteristics with plants, animals and human beings, then it must contain some "hidden seed" that is its soul, its spiritual entity, its identity. Within the Camphill communities the Bible Evening is this unifying identity.

My fascination for the Bible Evening led me to wonder where it came from, and chance readings about the life of Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the founder of the Moravian Church, caught my interest. He had lived and worked in what had been Eastern Germany, very close to the border of the Czech Republic. Many of the earliest communities of the Herrnhuters, inspired by him, had been founded in Silesia and surrounding areas of southern Poland.

I felt the need to visit the places where Zinzendorf had lived, to find out more about those strange people who emerged out of hiding in the deep forests of Moravia and Bohemia to settle in the village of Herrnhut that he founded.

In the autumn of 2007 my wife Ruth and I received a sabbatical year's leave from our Camphill community, and found ourselves able to travel down through Eastern Europe by car, with time to visit communities and see whatever sights we wanted to. Here at last was the opportunity to find out more about Zinzendorf and the communities he had founded, and those that had inspired him. Here was an opportunity to locate where König had begun his working life and to see where he had been inspired.

From its beginnings as a dream experienced by Karl König, through the difficult first years, when it was hardly accepted by other co-workers, today the Bible Evening has spread throughout the world. It has become a defining feature of Camphill. It is somewhere that participants can learn deeper listening to others. It has become a place where we can celebrate ongoing community building.

Today there is a need for community, a thirst for getting together with other people and creating stable groups where members understand, support and inspire each other. Today there is a pressing need to get to know our differences, tolerate them, and learn to listen and live in peace. The Bible Evening is a social tool which can help us to do this. It will also help to create our own culture, our own way of doing things. If we can look after and develop the Bible Evening, it will also help us to create our own sense of community. The Bible Evening is a valuable social tool, something that has taken hundreds of years to evolve.

From a hidden seed, it has emerged as one of the canopy trees of our forest.

Comments about "The Hidden Seed":

This is a very interesting work. What a lovely 'spiritual glue'.
Maria Mountain, editor of Camphill Correspondence.

I was thrilled to see that at last somebody had catered for the young co-workers.
Melville Segal, author and publisher.

Your book needs to be made available to all co-workers in Camphill so as to strengthen the understanding for this special form of "schooling the heart".
Julian Sleigh, Camphill South Africa and author.

I am sure many people will be interested in reading this. What an adventure!
Julia Wolfson, "Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Each Other", seminar leader.

Copies of the book are available from:

Jan Martin Bang
Delet 19
N - 3520 Jevnaker

++47 48 12 96 53

Authors On Line Ltd
19 thw Cinques
Gamlingay, Sandy
SG19 3NU

Dear Friends,

I thought you would be interested in the attached Newsletter - Voices from the Vault - from the Moravian Archives In Bethlehem, PA.  

Best wishes

Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson was born in Hampshire and studied at the universities of Bristol and Exeter. He was Principal Lecturer in Special Education at King Alfred's College, Winchester and Principal of Linn Moor Special School in Aberdeen. He has worked with Camphill for many years, including as a Development and Training Co-ordinator, and is currently a consultant to the Camphill School, Aberdeen.
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