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Kaspar Hauser Festival California

Kaspar Hauser Festival California

29. September 2016 - 02. October 2016
Santa Cruz

Kaspar Hauser 1812 - 1833

"Here lies Kaspar Hauser, riddle of his time, unknown birth, mysterious death!"
(from Kaspar Hauser's gravestone, Ansbach, Germany)

"When at Whitsuntide 1828 Kaspar Hauser first appeared in Nuremberg he immediately envincend a liveley response from those he met. Soon it became clear that some would go out of their way to help him and yet others would devote time and energy to destroy him. the controversy over this remarkable person continues to this day".
(William B. Forward "Kaspar Hauser speaks for himself" 193 TWT Publications Ltd.)

The person of Kaspar Hauser and his unfulfilled destiny has fascinated researchers in many sicial fields. He is an example of an interrupted life, cut from whatever he could have unfolded from childhood into adult life. In this day of massive migrant flows around the world, where folks leave their homeland and are separated from each other, where alianation, psychological disanfranchisement and despair are features of both Euripean and Western social life, the question might be: Kaspar Hauser: What is your message for the future?

Our initiative is to create a Festival of Kaspar Hauser here in Santa Cruz to ask this question. We want to ask this question here on the West Coast of America, far from Kaspar's homeland, at a point on earth that is so far West that it is almost East. We hope to see what new ideas and other initiatives might arise from such an event.We hope to include a number of researchers and academics to speak and lead workshops on th topics that result from these massive changes to national and regional social identities. Topics might include education, social policy and financial support for the homeless. What new thinking do we need to encompass such shifts and demands on our on our humanity as have not been imagined before.

A core commitee is being formed with support from Glen Williamson who as an actor has performed his one-man performance of "Kaspar Hauser: the Open Secret of the Foundling Prince" (http://anthropostheater.com/kaspar-hauser.html); Richard Steel who leeds the Karl König Archives in North America (http://www.karl-koenig-archive.net/index_english.html) and Eckart Böhmer who is the Director of the Kaspar Hauser Festival in Ansbach, Germany (http://www.ansbach.de/cda/showpage.php?SiteID=42&language=uk)

Penelope and John Baring



Kaspar Hauser The Foundling, Soul-Murder and the Quest for the Spirit

Saturday, April 25th at 7pm

Invitation to a talk by Richard Steel of the Karl König Institute

"Kaspar Hauser The Foundling, Soul-Murder and the Quest for the Spirit" 

Ideas Bookstore
2234 Kimberton Rd Kimberton, PA 19442

Free entry, a donation would be welcomed



Exhibition "Enigma"

March until Juli 2015 in Olmütz, Czech Republic. (See PDF) Exhibition Olmütz 2014 

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