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WE want to invite YOU

"Karl König's Spiritual Legacy.
Building an Archive for the Future!"

A meeting of friends of Anthroposophy with Richard Steel of the Karl König Archives

April 28, 2013 7pm to 9pm  at Rainbow Hall

Camphill Special School Beaver Run,
1784 Fairview Rd,
Glenmoore, PA 19343

We would like to discuss the present and future of the Karl König Archive with you, starting with our AND your perspective of what has taken place over the past 5 years since the first volume of the New Edition of Karl König's Works was published (Volume 13: “Animals. An Imaginative Zoology” will be out by then). We would like to tell you about the International Karl König Institute for Science, Art and Social Life and see if you can relate to our aims, help define our tasks and maybe become part of our striving! How does Karl König relate to North America today?

Information material and sale of books will be there for you!


7pm:  Introduction to the work of the Archive and Institute with Richard Steel

7:45pm:  Light refreshments

8:00 – 9:00pm:  A conversation about the future work

April 29th 2013 , 19:00  Rose Hall, Kimberton Hills, USA

Talk by Richard Steel

"The Inner Journey Through the Year and Kaspar Hauser's Destiny Today"

Update March 2013

Dear friends of the Karl König Archive,

At the outset of this report allow me to describe the structure of the Archive work:
TRUSTEES of Karl König's Literary Estate are currently: Anne Weise, Stefan Geider, Christoph Hanni, Richard Steel and Crispian Villeneuve. This is the sphere of RIGHTS, including those of publication and translation.
To ensure use of rights and particularly to cover the ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES we have formed a legal association which has charity status: “KARL KÖNIG INSTITUTE for Art, Science and Social Life”, the board of which is partly from Camphill (the Trustees) and partly professional friends. The Institute is legally responsible for financing the Archive but also takes in projects closely connected to the work of Karl König and Camphill. The book “Discovering Camphill” is an example, but also various exhibitions (see below) for instance. These are funded separately from the Archive.
Rights and Economics lay the foundation for the work in the sphere of FREE SPIRITUAL LIFE, the area where the Archive is classically situated! Through the help of many dedicated people (in Scotland, Germany, Norway, USA and England), with generous support from the various regions of the Camphill Movement, through members of the  Association and by general fund raising we have been able to take great steps forward again in 2012 with the three main tasks we set out to do: RESEARCH, ARCHIVING AND PUBLICATIONS.
Richard Steel is in charge of Fund Raising but is looking for someone with initiative in this field.
In Newsletter Nr 7, Summer 2012 we introduced you to our wonderful network of helpers. (“Global Networking”).
Let me tell you a few examples of what has been achieved and continues with your help:

Research:  Tracing König's friends has continued and the book is well on its way about his best school-friend, the Viennese painter Alfred Bergel, who made some famous drawings of the ghetto in Theresienstadt but died then in Auschwitz. We have already had two previews of this work in the last two Newsletters. We hope to have a very special publication ready for you this year with plenty of pictures - newly found photographs and drawings by Bergel. A second friend is Hanns Leo Reich, whom Anne has tracked down! He emigrated to America and published a book about “My Vienna” in Chicago 1954. We managed to find a copy and so we can include some parts of that when we publish a volume about “Vienna of the Königs” soon! (All “Karl König Institute Publications”!)
Many details of Karl König's biography have been looked into now and with some help from John Baum a number of projects are moving on to compliment parts of Hans Müller-Wiedeman's book: We now know where the building was that he passed on his way to school with the words of Christ above the gateway - many had thought it did not exist. We have looked into the mix-up of dates for König's fiorst meeting with Ita Wegman and his move to Arlesheim, his step out of the Jewish faith and becoming member of the Anthroposophical Society.
Apart from a beautiful photograph of the two, we also have just received 20 hitherto unknown letters between König and Frieda Margarete Reuschle, a deep friendship of the 50's and 60's.
Work with new documents is time-consuming: they have to be found, acquired, studied, checked against material already in the archive, then scanned, fitted into the system (= “archived”) and indexed. For instance questions about König's university times lead us to various archives in Vienna where we found 41 documents showing the courses he had taken, the professors he had and about his time in the Embryological Institute (where he was not an “assistant”, but a “demonstrator”). Newly found documents always give us new aspects and details about König's biography and about early Camphill history. So also Anne's visit to the Isle of man, where she spent two days in the museum getting help from the custodian there. Our treasure chest from that period is getting fuller! Who knew for instance that Peter Roth did a beautiful and quite unique portrait of Karl König during internment? This picture, amongst others of his and along with the Soul Calendar pictures will go to the international exhibition of the anthroposophic art impulse in the Czech republic next year. For that we are also helping with research (see  http://www.karl-koenig-institute.net/expose_museum.pdf    - new exposée ready soon!).
Anne Weise - and to a certain extent Richard - are spearheading the research.

Archiving is the essential step with any material, documents or photographs so that they are available for any research – whether our own or by others – and for the preparation of books.
In Scotland we are still busy distinguishing between Karl König's legacy (which of course includes aspects of the history of Camphill) and documents actually belonging to a Camphill Archive, the beginnings of which are in full swing!
Meanwhile, mainly in Pennsylvania the following work has been done:
1) Of the 33.000 documents that were scanned in 2008 a further 3.500 pages have been indexed, meaning that we now have a total of 12.048 pages available for search according to various criteria. This is over a third of the work needed!
2) In addition to this 2.085 new documents have been indexed.
3) 575 photographs of Karl König and related motifs have been scanned, listed and physically archived in professional archive albums. Digital index lists have been made. Constant co-operation with Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg and others was necessary to identify as many people, places and dates as possible (ongoing work!) “New” photographs come regularly from various sources.
4) Preparation and some first steps have been made towards storage with professional archive materials (in order to preserve documents optimally).
5). The list of lectures has been updated after many new lectures by König have turned up from different sources and details of lectures have been found in various diaries.
6). All early diaries and letters (that were almost unreadable in places) have been typed up and digitalised. (Organisation: Anne, typing: Helga Voss). This material is now usable for research and publishing purposes.
7). Chronological lists have been made for all diaries and for König's poems, so that also this material is available.

This year (2013) has already seen a start to the pile of documents waiting to be indexed. For instance 5.576 pages of “published articles” have not been scanned, assuming they had already been printed, which is however not the case as they were lectures that had been typed and copied without editing and circulated amongst the coworkers of the time. Then there are 2.835 new documents waiting to be seen to. And a certain priority must soon be given to instrumentation of proper archive materials and storage systems that will need financing. We are hoping to make space too when the Camphill Archive has its own room and these documents can be seen to seperately.

We have already got a good team together for the additional work of the Camphill Archive: John Byrde and Richard Keys and for Community history and documentation Cherry How.
Anne Weise is the expert in archiving and indexing. She looks after this, helped by Christoph Hanni, “our man in the vaults” and main scanner.

Publications: We hope you have finished reading the new volume of Karl König's collected works that we prepared before Christmas -  One is the newly researched and enlarged version of the popular book “Brothers and Sisters” (a Must, even if you already have the old book!) and for the 200th birthday of Kaspar Hauser a very new collection of König's work and biographical connections using many items from letters, notes and diaries: “Karl König and Kaspar Hauser”.
Soon you will be able to start two new volumes that are almost ready. Just now “Animals - an Imaginative Zoology” has gone to print.  These essays were published in the 80's in 3 small booklets (“Penguins”, “Swans and Storks” and “Elephants”). Now we have revised the translation, adding large parts that were missed out and updating the zoological information. Now it can be one volume, like its original “Bruder Tier” in German. The second book will be “Social Farming”, with revised and enlarged contents from that of the old “Earth and Man” volume. The lectures about nutrition have also been removed because they also needed revising and will appear in a special volume entitled “Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition”, which is also well on its way! So please keep reading AND make sure that these volumes are really put to good use.

Organic advertising: Please take a look at our flyer - it grows with the publications list!

Many projects are in preparation.....we will just have to see what we can manage. So much of Karl König's work would be of importance for today's questions and tomorrow's world:
So thanks for helping us to get this far and please stay with us and be part of an archive for the future!
Richard Steel and Crispian Villeneuve, backed by Anne and Christoph are mainly responsible for these tasks.

And Camphill as a service provider? Yes the Archive is fully engaged here too! We include here a list of events; talks, conferences, seminars, exhibitions that have taken place during the past year (more than one per week!) - but wish you not to forget that we also are committed to providing information, study material and dialogue. This goes on literally on a daily basis with only less than half of the requests coming from within the Camphill Movement. There an important task in public relations has evolved on its own!
In the list attached you can see the events of 2012. Already this year - 2013 - the first months have shown some major events, like the Soul Calendar exhibition with weekend workshop in Forest Row, followed by a Kaspar Hauser weekend there including an exhibition of Greg Tricker's Kaspar Hauser pictures that the Karl König Institute has shown last year in  Rudolf Steiner House Berlin, the Christian Community Karlsruhe, the Goetheanum Dornach and in January - February 2013 in the Kaspar Hauser Therapeutikum Berlin. The Soul Calendar pictures are now on there way to the WALA and then to the Art Exhibition in the Czech Republic. Current and upcoming events can be seen on our continuously updated “noticeboard”: http://www.karl-koenig-archive.net/events.htm
Richard Steel is mainly responsible for these tasks - also for the Websites of the Archive AND the Karl König Institute.

Please note  that we are inviting YOU
to reports and conversation about the work of the Archive in three places this year:

April 19th 15:30 - 18:30 in Rudolf Steiner House, Berlin, Germany.
April 28th 7 - 9 pm in Beaver Run, USA.
In November (Probably Sunday 10th - watch the Website for details!) in Camphill Scotland.


Karl König Archives, Activity and Events 2013 List of events 2012           Karl König Archives, Activity and Events 2013 List of publications 2012


Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010       Camphill Village Newton Dee, Aberdeen

                                                    Vortrag Richard Steel, 19.00
                                                    "The Bee and the Human Beeing"

Samstag 27.Februar 2010        Camphill Hall, Murtle Estate, Aberdeen

                                                    Vortrag Richard Steel, 20.00
                                                   "Karl König and Kaspar Hauser. Historic Riddles and Future Tasks."

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